On The Beach

Information about the company

On The Beach is an online retailer of beach holidays. On the Beach act as an agent providing a web search interface between you and various third party suppliers of travel products.

Commercial approach

On the Beach set out to measure themselves against best-in-class global advertisers and uncover opportunities where they could efficiently grow volume. After running the BCG Digital Maturity Framework assessment, the team spent time reviewing the strengths they could double-down on as well as gaps that quickly needed closing.

Google Ads success story

In developing their digital maturity plan, On the Beach outlined top priorities, with the first of these being more advanced use of audiences. To begin, they migrated their Google Ads campaigns to utilise Google’s Smart Bidding algorithms, allowing machine learning to generate audience lists based on conversion probability and high or low basket value users.


- 202% increased return on ad spend.
- 72% higher conversion rate for holiday seekers.

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