TV Outdoor Ads

In order to advertise on television, we determine the channels that are suitable for you, and at the same time, we also provide consultancy on which hours and in which program you should advertise. With media planning, we also determine the budget of the advertisement. Then, you can decide where, when, and at what price to advertise and go to the ad publishing phase.

In terms of access, television ads get attention with their high reach. Reaching millions of people at the same time, television ads that appeal to the eyes and ears at the same time, shorten the process of persuading your customers. It increases the trust in your brand in terms of prestige.

TV Outdoor Ads

In which criteria TV Outdoor Ads are Prepared?

Today, with the advancement of technology, the advertising area has expanded. With our advertising team consisting of professional advertisers in the field, we create quality and remarkable works on TV outdoor advertisements. In the advertisements we prepare, the following criteria are taken into consideration:

1. All the ads we prepare are prepared by combining creative designs and a strong imagination.
2. Selecting the target audience is carefully made in every advertisement prepared.
3. Our advertising concepts are designed in a way that is understandable by all audiences.
4. All images used in our advertisements are designed to be located in memories.
5. The areas where advertisements will be displayed are carefully selected and the areas that can be reached to the masses in the fastest way are used.
6. Ads are produced to increase the recognition of the target element in the advertisement.

TV Outdoor Ads

What Benefits Will You Make If You Choose Us In Outdoor Ads?

The earnings you will get through the TV outdoor ads prepared by our team are as follows:

1. Your reputation and consequently your brand awareness will increase and in this way you will gain profit.
2. You will reach your target audience quickly.
3. The message you want to convey will arrive as soon and correctly.
4. The popularity of your work will increase.
5. You will create awareness about the work you do.
6. Your permanence and earnings in the sector will increase day by day.
7. You will send your message without bothering people.

TV Outdoor Ads
Target Audience

Target Audience

The target audience contains details about who you are advertising for and your purpose in advertising. The basis of the media plan that suits you best is your answers to these questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted to answer some of your questions just before starting the TV commercials with Fiber Media. We have compiled Frequently Asked Questions that came to us from our customers in order to avoid any wrong decisions during the advertisement process.
  • How should a good TV commercial be?

    Preparing the content of the advertisement to be broadcast on television is as important as advertising on the right television channel at the right time. It is extremely important to choose your agency which will be your solution partner in order to prepare the desired message effectively.
  • What is the price of advertising to television channels?

  • How much are News Channels Advertising Prices?

  • What do OPT and PT mean?

  • What is Thematic Channel?

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