Social Media Management

Social Media Consulting has become very popular lately. The impact of social media on the market is undeniable, so all companies, brands or individuals need social media consultants to use social media more professionally and more effectively when trying to announce their names with social media accounts or to evaluate this area.

In order to use social media actively and effectively, social media experts should be active and professional in this regard. For this reason, social media consultancy will be more effective by highly experienced people. Social media consultants first determine a strategy for the person or brand they will provide consultancy service and act to increase the positioning and competitiveness of the brand or company in the market through this strategy.

Social media consultancies decide which social arms a person or organization should use and decide how they should behave in these social environments. They follow tactics about finding customers and increasing followers and inform advertisers by preparing reports from comments on social media. The social media consultant is the addressee on behalf of the person he / she works for and is obliged to provide necessary information and announcements.

Social Media Management

What are the channels used by social media experts?

The use of social media on the internet are actually quite a lot and each of them has great effects and recycles. You can list them as follows.

İnstagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Foursquare

What is done in the process of Social Media Consultancy?

· First, a target audience is determined for your product or service. Whichever social media account your target audience is more effective, a path is drawn accordingly.
· Social media accounts are created and content is produced for these social media accounts. Also, posts are made on a regular basis.
· Various interesting campaigns are organized for the brand and product.
· The reports and analyzes related to the situation are prepared.

Social Media Management

Do you need a social media consultant?

In fact, many people try to manage their social media themselves. Getting help from any specialist on this topic is a little later. However, it is very important to get help in this regard. Because of course, the experiences gained by someone who has a certain power and knowledge in social media and the strategies developed on this subject have a great importance in terms of both promotion and increase in sales. Even if it is possible to do this expertise area without the help of a specialist, success can be very difficult. Because the greatest ingenuity of social media consultants is to help you to meet you with this market and move you to higher places than you are.

Certain training is required to become a social media consultant. There are especially related departments within the faculty of communication. Apart from this, the need for social media consultancy in the market is tried to be met through various courses. Social media has influence in many areas today. There are many news in the press through social media. For this reason, it is very important to use social media. Considering that people's shopping habits are also made over the internet, social media is very important for increasing sales. Therefore, it is very important to work with a social media consultant.

Social Media Management


In this step, all the social media accounts of the company are opened, all of them are created and their passwords are determined. Immediately afterwards, in order to create a happy customer perception, trust and curiosity-related activities and relations are made efficient for both parties.



Sharing is done daily, weekly and monthly. Sharing is done for careful days and sweepstakes. You can be visually requested for these stages.



Digital media and social media are scanned 24/7 and reported with the help of special tools. The user can also see how much interaction the shared content has received, if desired. Monthly reports are made.

Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before starting Social Media studies with Fiber Media. We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you to avoid wrong decisions during the monthly consultancy process.
  • What is Social Media management?

    Social media management generally covers how these accounts should be used, how to grow the pages, image management and the ways and methods to follow in times of crisis.
  • Is Social Media management useful?

    Social media platforms, which play an active role for brands and companies, are attractive areas for corporate companies, where they can directly reach their goals. The products of companies can be easily promoted to consumers through social media accounts. In this way, they can get feedbacks from consumers much faster, and get much more comfortable information.
  • How often should I post on Social Media?

    Sharing accounts more than 1 or more per day negatively affects the interaction. It is enough to make 15 shares a month to ensure that your target audience stays with you.
  • Is moderation done?

    Following their accounts on social media regularly, follower comments are answered instantly. Acting in this way, providing customer satisfaction is very important for keeping the brand's reputation high.
  • Should my social media accounts have the same names?

    In order to promote your social network accounts easily, you need to use the same name in all social media accounts of your brand.
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