Registration to Maps

Look Ahead on Maps

Adding businesses to Google, yandex and here maps helps your company increase in search results and become advantageous over your competitors in your industry. Bookmarking on Google maps and yandex maps makes you noticeable and helps your potential customers to spot you.

Register on all navigation maps

The use of navigation devices in Turkey has been increasing in recent years. The navigation registering is very important for your customers to find and reach you. When you register and you appear on the navigation devices of all companies, especially car navigation devices.

Registration to Maps

Explore Maps for Smartphones

Map recording on mobile devices is available on all smartphones with iOS, Android and Microsoft operating systems. An user searching on his mobile phone will be able to view you if he / she is searching for you in a close location. Map registration places; Google Map Recording, Yandex Map Recording, Apple Map Recording, Mobile Phone Map Recording, Navigation Map Recording, Yelp Map Recording, Here Map Recording, Foursquare Map Recording and Swarm Map Recording.

Registration to Maps


In addition to opening your business registration to Google maps, which are widely used in our country, it is very important to perform correct optimization. As Fiber Media, we enter the information we receive from you in My Business field correctly and optimized.



Your map created on My Business is verified by 5 different methods.
1- Verifying the business listing by mail
2- Verifying the business listing by phone (can be used in certain businesses)
3- Verifying the business listing by e-mail (can be used in certain businesses)
4- Instant verification of the business listing (can be used in certain businesses)
5- Bulk verification (from 10 can be used by businesses with many different locations).

Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted to answer some questions in your mind just before we start working on maps with Fiber Media.We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you to avoid wrong decisions during the advertising process.
  • How to register to Google map?

    We use the My Business page when we sign up for Google Map, a service provided by Google. On this panel, we organize the information on your map according to your requests.
  • What is the Google map registration fee?

    This service is offered to users free of charge by Google, but as Fiber Media, we provide professional service for annual, 3-year or 5-year periods.
  • Where am i seen on the map registration?

    After the map registration process we will create for you, you can go out on sectoral searches on Google, Google map (address) searches and Google's navigation devices.
  • How long takes the map registration?

    As Fiber Media, we immediately perform the Google map registration process within our organization. When applying for a Google map, gmail account and contact information of your company are required. There are 5 methods to verify the registration application. These;
    1- Postcard Verification in the map is activated with the code from Google within 14 days after application. If the code does not reach you, we contact Google and activate the map.
    2- Phone Verification (Only available in certain businesses) This verification process is provided by Google. After activating the map with the code, your map will be activated immediately.
    3- Verification by Email (Only available in certain businesses) A code is sent by Google to your e-mail address. After activating the map with the code, your map will be activated immediately.
    4- Instant Verification (Only available in certain businesses) If you have already verified your company's website with Google Search Console, there is a possibility that the verification process required to manage your company's map will be done instantly.
    5- Collective Verification (can be used by businesses with more than 10 different locations) If there are more than 10 branches of the same company, it gives the opportunity to add their maps at once.
  • What to do if your business has been verified by someone else

    If a Google My Business listing has already been verified and you are authorized to manage the listing, you can request ownership from the current listing owner.

    If your request is approved
    Once your ownership request is approved, you will be notified by email and you can manage your listing from Google in My Business field.

    If your request is denied
    In cases where your ownership request is declined, you will be notified by email and when you sign in to Google My Business. You can still suggest editing at the entrance or appeal for your rejected request in some cases.

    If you do not receive any response
    In case you have not received any response after 7 days, you may have the option to request the entry for yourself.
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