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Instagram is the most popular social network in recent years. For those who want to advertise to 1 billion people, and those who want to promote themselves and their brand / product, it turned into a network with a potential for a popular customer. It is one of the most remarkable among other internet advertisements. Because instagram ads are visual, it attracts more attention of users. There are many remarkable factors on other social networking sites. There is no other distracting factor since Instagram is just a shared space of photos and videos. For this reason, Instagram ads are at the top of the choices of many brands.

instagram ads

Where to give an instagram ads?

Since Instagram has been recently purchased by Facebook, Instagram ads can also be given on Facebook. This is why advertising on Instagram requires a facebook account. By taking Facebook account, advertisement can be created by means of advertisement flow. The advertisement created in this way will be displayed in the news flow section of the users of instagram along with the shares of the people they follow. Therefore, it will directly stand out and help many people click on the ad.

When posting Instagram ads, you need to choose whether to run horizontally or vertically. In both selections, there is a sponsor letter in the upper right corner of the advertisement and it is written under the description of the advertisement.

The most important condition for advertising on Instagram is to have a Facebook ad account. In this way, you can advertise on Instagram. One of the most curious questions is if the instagram account is required for the instagram advertisement?

instagram ads

It is not necessary to have an Instagram account to advertise on Instagram. However, it is recommended. Because in the absence of an Instagram account, you cannot respond to the comments made by people who are interested in your Instagram ad. At the same time, there may be people who want to get more information about you by seeing your ad, and if you do not have an Instagram account, your ad name can be less attractive. This can prevent you from getting noticed and clicked more. For this reason, the Instagram account is very important in order to be clicked, attract attention, to answer questions and opinions about your ad and to show interest.

· Instagram advertisement can also be given through Power editor. For this; You need to enter the Power editor page.
· Click Manage ads from this page.
· On the left side of the page, you will see a blue sign with the shape of a bag. You need to click on this icon. You can create a campaign from this section. Enter the campaign name from this section.
· Select the auction option from the purchase types and choose the advertising option that allows you to post instagram ads.
· You can now create the creative set. On the left side of the page, there will be an icon that says 1 in the form of 4 boxes. Click on that icon and click on Create creative set option.
· Select the facebook account for your ad. In this section, add the name and image of your facebook page.
· You can use your old campaigns or create new campaigns from the Create ad page. Create a new campaign if you want. In this section, give your ad a name and click on create ad.
· Fill out all the other informations of your ad and fill the target audience option as well. After that, if you want to upload new ads, you can upload it.

instagram ads

When posting Instagram ads, certain quality rules are taken into consideration. Some of these rules pay attention to factors such as the resolution and blurry of the advertisement image.

The fact that the articles found under the advertisements for information purposes comply with the grammar and spelling rules is also one of the instagram quality rules.

It is also important that the redirect page is relevant to the advertisement.

instagram ads


The website and page analysis of the customer should be done before starting the Instagram advertisements. The advertisement models to be released are determined in accordance with the analyzes and customer expectations. Visual, text and video are created by us or requested from the customer for use in the determined Instagram advertisement models. After the approved Instagram ad models are created, the ads are published.



In the first stage of the advertising process, in line with the information received from the customer, targeting is made in many criteria such as location, age, gender, interests. Optimization should be done in 3 to 7 days intervals in order to get better performance from the ads. In the optimization process, detailed optimization work is carried out according to the performance received from the advertisements. It is aimed to reach the right audience, age range, gender and region. The process continues with the closing of advertising models that increase the cost or opening new advertising models.



A detailed weekly or monthly report is sent in accordance with the expectations of the customer (Form, Impression, Likes, Site Visit..) of the Instagram advertisement work. The prepared report data is prepared in line with the data provided by the Instagram panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted to answer some of your questions just before we start working on Instagram advertising with Fiber Media. We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you to avoid wrong decisions during the advertising process.
  • What are the types of targeting on Instagram?

    Targeting types in Instagram are collected under several subtitles. Depending on the location, you can use certain parameters such as cities or countries, and demographically narrow your audience based on information such as age, gender and languages. Within the scope of his interests, you can reach your target audience more easily and define your target audience according to the movements they perform on Instagram, Facebook and other places. However, you can reach a target audience who can deal with your business faster by using various signals such as location, demographic information and interests, using automatic targeting.
  • How can I advertise on Instagram?

    Instagram ads are also published with the Facebook Business advertising tool used for Facebook.
  • Where are my Instagram ads running?

    The Instagram ads you post are displayed in the Instagram stream of your targeted audience with images and videos shared by other Instagram accounts that they follow, under a profile name under a sponsored tag.
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