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The system that allows companies to advertise online to promote their brand functionality is Google ads.

With Google ads, many advantages and opportunities are put at the feet of the processors. Google ads help the websites to be clicked much more, both increasing the click rate very much and reaching the advertising purpose more easily. If sales are made, the sales rate can be increased much more with Google ads. With this system, which has many advantages, promotion and visitor acquisition can be made easily.

As the most used search engine in the world, Google is the platform that holds the leadership in this regard and is visited by millions of people every day. For this reason, in the advertisements given in this system, it can reach more people in a much easier way compared to other advertising methods. Therefore, Google ads are preferred by many people thanks to their excellent advantages.

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Why should we advertise on Google?

Google ads have a chance to reach more people. Internet users visit the site by searching it with Google search engine, instead of typing an address in the address bar for any transaction they want to make or plan to visit. For this reason, Google search engine is the most used platform. For this reason, it is the most visited address, which increases the click rate of Google ads. Thus, it is much easier for advertisers to achieve their goals with Google ads.

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What kind of ads can be given on Google?

1. You can advertise on the keywords you have determined on Google. Google can allow you to get ahead of the search engine by keywords.
2. Google ads can also be given on video. You can reach your goal with visual, that is, dynamic visuals.
3. Advertising can be done by the remarketing method.
4. Ads can also be posted on YouTube, one of the most visited video sharing sites.
5. Google product listing is one of the most effective methods. The visuals can be advertised by listing the information that the buyer is most interested in, such as product name, price and brand name, and the sale of the product and the visitor rate of the site can be increased.
6. Ads can also be given through Google stores (such as Google play store). Especially to buy these applications, these stores are visited a lot.

Based on all this information, there are many ways and methods to run Google ads. There can be a significant increase in the number of visitors to your site with Google ads. At the same time, sales rates can be significantly increased with Google ads. People can find the products they are interested in more easily with the keywords they write in the GoogleSearch engine thanks to their Google ads.

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The top 3 results are very important for a term searched on Google. The top 4 sites for these results are always more visited. Because generally, visitors prefer to visit the top 4 sites after writing to the search engine, in terms of being practical and easier to reach. For this reason, placing Google ads in the first place is more important for the number of visitors. Being in the first place with Google ads means a large number of visitors and a great deal of sales.

How is Google ads delivered and how much does it cost?

You can apply for Google ads by filling out a form first. If you want, you can get service by calling the call center numbers. The cost of Google ads is very low compared to its return.

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Market and Vocabulary Analysis

Market and Vocabulary Analysis

First, you and your competitors are recognized, the right campaign and the right targeting are created accordingly. In order to reach your goals in a short time, the presence of your brand in digital media is analyzed in detail and optimizations are made accordingly. In addition, your competitors and related word analyzes in the same market are made using tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Trends and Keyword Planner, and your campaigns are created based on this information.

Creating an Account

Creating an Account

If you have your own Google ADS and Analytics account for your brand and will continue with them, the account's ID is requested and linked under the MCC account, old campaigns are paused and a new campaign setup is created. If a new account will be created; A new account for the project / service is opened under the agency's Google Ads MCC account. Remarketing code and conversion code are created. In addition, tags are created for Tag Manager Account, Conversion Linker, Google Ads Conversion, Remarketing, Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica.

Account Editing

Account Editing

The right campaigns are designed in accordance with whatever target group you base on. Ads are created to spend your budget efficiently without using irrelevant traffic or advanced techniques to reduce your number of impressions. The channels where your target audience is located are analyzed well and campaigns suitable for your site structure are designed. Special campaigns are created for each channel and site structure, and your budget is managed correctly.



Optimizations are made regularly in the campaigns designed. Thus, it is ensured that the campaign performances are continuously increased. These optimizations are organized to improve the quality of incoming traffic such as location, time, remarketing lists, search term optimizations.



Detailed reports are prepared in which you can have information about your search engines advertising campaigns. You can easily find out what's going on in your campaigns, targeting and expenses in these reports. Reports are prepared as daily, weekly, monthly reports and delivered to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We wanted to answer some of your questions just before we start working with Fiber Media and Google Ads. We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers for you to avoid wrong decisions during the advertising process.
  • What are the types of Google Ads campaigns?

    Types of Google Ads campaign are listed as search campaign, display, ad network campaign, shopping campaign, video campaign, universal application campaign.
  • Can demographic targeting be done?

    It is possible to target age, gender and parental status in Google Ads ad studies.
  • Can country or region targeting be done?

    It is possible to target country, region and city in Google Ads. While making these targeting, you can also select the radius you set on the map.
  • What is the difference between search and display models?

    Known as the search network, Google Search ads aim to reach your potential customers through keywords related to your business and services. The ads published on this network are displayed in the form of text ads on search partner sites in the search network and simultaneously in the Google search results. Display ads are published in a group of more than 2 million websites, videos and applications. Unlike search ads in display ads, people see ads without searching.
  • How are Google Shopping ads served?

    Google shopping ads provide detailed information about the products you sell. Shopping ads can generally meet only product promotions that promote a single product, or showcase shopping ads where several products are promoted together. To prepare shopping ads, product information is prepared in Google Merchant Center and shopping campaigns are created in Google Ads.
  • How are Ads advertising budgets determined?

    It is possible to choose a daily budget for each campaign in Google Ads, depending on the advertising goals and the overall amount that you consider spending every day. This budget can be changed at any time, if desired. Campaign and targeting types should be considered in determining the Ads advertising budget.
  • What is Remarketing?

    Remarketing refers to reaching users who previously interacted with your website or mobile app. Remarketing allows you to strategically position your ads based on audiences browsing Google or partner websites. In this way, brand awareness increases and the purchasing process of the masses becomes more practical and accelerates.
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